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Small Giftun Island has been a marine reserve for a few years now and it makes a big difference as this is one of the best dives in the area.

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Small Giftun Island has been a marine reserve for a few years now and it makes a big difference as this is one of the best dives in the area. The entry fee is well worth the money.

At about 1 hour sailing from Hurghada, Small Giftun is a dive site specially made for drift dives. With the current carrying you, this dive is a relaxing exploration.

The wall at Small Giftun drops away to about 100 meters. So pick you depth and gradually work your way back up as you drift along in the current.

The current at Small Giftun is always from the north, but it is unpredictable, sometimes mild, sometimes howling. There are some picturesque coral formations sticking out from the main wall to explore, often decorated with soft corals.

At Small Giftun you can have the chance to see ambush predators on the reef and pelagic species in the blue.

The drift dive starts at the southern end of Small Giftun Island, at the opposite of the police station. With the reef on your right side, you will be drifting along a wall. As you can pick your depth, though it is worth heading down to 30 meters, in order to see a spectacular display of gorgonian corals. Look carefully among their branches and you may spot one of the shy longnose hawkfish. It is also worth keeping an eye on the blue open water – tuna and trevallies may be passing by and in the early morning, you may be lucky enough to spot a shark. After a while floating along with the current you will reach a large sandy plateau that lies between 15 and 25 meters. This coral garden has more life than the wall and generally, there is less current. Look out for blue-spotted stingrays in the sand between the coral heads, turtles and lots of giant morays. And if you look attentively you may discover some of the species that camouflage themselves, such as scorpionfish, stonefish or crocodile fish or other critters, such as nudibranch and flatworms. And don’t forget the schooling fusiliers and goatfish that you will encounter.

At 40 meters depth, there is even a nice small cave where you can go through, full of beautiful lionfish and with hundreds of anthias fish above the cave.

Often done as a drift dive, this dive site can also be explored in a normal dive starting from where the boat moored. The normal dive will be on the large sandy plateau, where there is still a lot to see.

Small Giftun is suitable for divers of every level, but if you decide to make your dive as a drift dive, it is advisable to be an experienced diver, due to the strong currents along the wall.

With its marvelous dives, Small Giftun is attracting many divers and envying many beginners.

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