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Shaab Abu Nugar is one of the most northern dive sites in the area of Hurghada almost reaching the area of El Gouna and it is about 60 to 90 minutes.

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Abu Nugar means the father of the pools and this because of the many holes you can find in the main reef.

The main reef is famous for its big variety of hard corals and many ergs are found there. Beautiful table corals and coral clusters are scattered around. Yellow and purple gorgonians, horn corals and brain corals are also to be found on this dive site.

The marine life is not so spectacular here at Shaab Abu Nugar but you can encounter eagle rays, turtles, broom tail wrasse, and parrotfish.

Due to the amazing visibility, Shaab Abu Nugar is a great dive site for both beginners and advanced divers for long dives.

Shaab Abu Nugar is a reef consisting of several dive sites: Abu Nugar at the northern part of the reef, gotta Abu Nugar on the eastern part of the reef and Shaab Iris on the southern part of the reef.

There are some beautiful blue lagoons that stretch on the top of the underwater reef.

On the north-western side of this dive site, there is a reef in a T-shape and the eastern part contains a shallow plateau with numerous coral towers and teeming with different types of fish. The reef wall is descending to a coral garden. Morays can be found around the small coral blocks, scorpion and stonefish in and around the reef wall and blue spotted stingrays in the sandy areas.

A giant barracuda are frequently spotted here. Swimming along you can admire giant groupers, nudibranch from time to time and stingrays. Dolphins can be seen here sometimes.

The depth at Shaab Abu Nugar is up to 18 meters. So most of the dives at Shaab Abu Nugar the dives are shallow.

Currents here are very week, so you can enjoy easy dives. And to get especially memorable impressions, you should dive closer to the coral pinnacles and discover the amazing underwater life.

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