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At about 1 hour sailing away by boat, on the north from Hurghada, you will find the Abu Galawa Reef where you can discover the dive site Gota Abu Galawa.

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The meaning of Abu Galawa is a sweet father. The fisherman gave the dive site this name because it provides a safe haven when the sea is rough for many fishermen.

The Abu Galawa Reef is a relative big reef that consists of 6 dive sites: Gota Abu Galawa, Shaab Abu Galawa, Habibi Abu Galawa, Marsa Abu Galawa, Sachwat Abu Galawa, and Abu Galawa.

The visibility is usually particularly good but in the south, it can be disappointing.

Gota Abu Galawa is a nearly small circular reef surrounded by a platter with several coral towers and a coral garden with interesting hard corals. Here you will also find an abundance of marine life. Gota Abu Galawa can be dived at 2 sides, the east and the west side. You will find nice and beautiful corals on both sides.

On the east side, you can explore huge brain corals and encounter turtles, schools of goatfish and baby barracudas as well as a lot of table corals, schools of unicornfish and sweet lips.

The west side has 2 pinnacles and sometimes eagle rays are passing by on the other side of the pinnacles. Look out for aggressive triggerfish in September. They are protecting their nest with eggs and then they can be aggressive and try to chase you away.

The depth at Gota Abu Galawa can go from 9 to 16 meters.

Diving at Gota Abu Galawa is suitable for divers of all levels.

Gota Abu Galawa is also good for drift dives from the northeast to the south, but you need to be an advanced diver.

When drift diving from the northeast towards the south, you start between numerous shallow coral banks, ending up in canyons of stony corals. The first canyon rests on a depth of 16 meters and the other one on 20 meters. They are divided by coral ridges.

In the southwest, you will find several nice eggs on a sandy bottom that are worthwhile exploring.

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