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The reef itself is approximately 300 meters long and extends on the west side.

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Fanous means a kind of lighthouse in the Arabic language. They call this dive site Fanous because of the small light point located on the eastern part of the dive site. The reef itself is approximately 300 meters long and extends on the west side.

This dive site is about 30 minutes away from Hurghada by boat.

At El Fanous you can make 2 different dives: one on the east side and another on the west side.

Let’s talk here about the dives you will make on the west side: Fanous West.

When you start your dive, from the boat, of course, you will have the reef on your right side and follow it. The depth under the boat is about 7 meters. To continue the dive you will pass through a kind of canal before reaching a sandy lagoon.

You will cross the lagoon in the north-west direction keeping the reef on the right side. While crossing the lagoon you will see several small coral pinnacles where unexpected small inhabitants can be spotted.

When you reach the northern edge of the lagoon, you will continue north to an erg covered with hard corals that you can admire.

You will return to the boat on the other side of the lagoon, keeping another main reef on your left side.

At Fanous West you will encounter a lot of blue-spotted stingrays, stonefish and sometimes big sand rays. Moray eels, Picasso fish, all kinds of triggerfish, butterflyfish, octopus, and even squids can be seen at this dive site.

The best dive you can have is when you have the chance to encounter a pod of dolphins hanging around in the lagoon.

Fanous is a dive site known to be a place where dolphins stop regularly to play or feed.

You pass through the same canal as in the begin of your dive to get to the boat. The whole dive is a shallow dive with a maximum depth in the lagoon between 12 and 14 meters.

Most of the time current is mild but sometimes it happens that the current is very strong and then the best way to explore Fanous West is to make a drift dive from the north side of the reef, heading into the lagoon and passing through the canal before reaching the boat.

Fanous West is suitable for all levels of divers.

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