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El Fanadir means rock on top of the reef and it is situated in on the northern coastal area of Hurghada.

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El Fanadir means rock on top of the reef and it is situated in on the northern coastal area of Hurghada. It is considered to be the longest reef, stretching in almost a straight line towards the north. At this dive site, you can make 2 dives: one at Fanadir South and the other one at Fanadir North.

Fanadir North consists of a reef wall of 10 meters. Along the reef is a sandy plateau of 15 meters width and leading to a drop off that can reach 40 meters deep.

During the dive, the reef will be on your left side. When diving over the sandy plateau, you can find some inhabitants hiding in one of the many coral formations.

The reef wall is covered with hard corals filled with glassfish and cardinal bass.

Approaching the drop-off gives you the chance to spot some big tunas or from time to time small reef sharks.

During the dive, you can also encounter stonefish, scorpionfish, blue-spotted stingray, lionfish, octopus and if you are very lucky you may even find a frogfish. Turtles are regularly present at this part of the reef.

This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers.

We can assure you that Fanadir North is on the most wonderful dive sites in the area of Hurghada. The reef is home to an amazing diversity of species of the Red Sea Fauna and Flora with some unusual fish such as the trunkfish, being part of the boxfish family, with its odd triangular shape.

If you are a fanatic underwater photographer, well this is the perfect site even for macro species such as nudibranch.

Fanadir North is also a good diving place for a drift dive or even for a night dive where you have the chance to see Spanish dancers.

Fanadir North is a really must dive, you will be impressed by the many different reef fish and colorful corals. Upon closer inspection, you can see an octopus making a very good impression of an innocent rock and torpedo rays would take shape out of nothing.

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