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Banana Reef is a reef in the shape of a banana situated in the middle of Giftun Street.

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It has an average depth of 10 meters and the water visibility is between 10 and 30 meters.

Banana Reef is surrounded by shallow water with a maximum depth of 15 meters.

An easy current at Banana Reef allows to drift all along the coral wall and in the northwest, there is a spectacular pinnacle covered in soft corals while the northeast has some caves full of various marine life.

Glassfish, eagle rays, turtles, angelfish, bannerfish, nudibranch, and pufferfish can be spotted at Banana Reef.

All divers from beginners to advanced divers can dive at Banana Reef.

You can reach Banana Reef after a boat trip of 90 minutes from Hurghada.

The best way to explore this dive site is to make a drift dive. While drifting you first reach an anemone city, a number of big anemones inhabited by clownfishes and that is very worthwhile to see. At the corner of the reef, you can cross over to an erg from where you will enter the coral garden to return to the boat.

On the northeast side, you will find shallow caves and on the northwest side, there is a beautiful coral pinnacle. Everywhere you will see soft corals and numerous fish, such as Glassfish, crocodile fish and lionfish.

Banana Reef is most known for the big colonies of bannerfish but you will also find emperor angelfish, pufferfish and many other small fish living in the pinnacle and gorgonian formations.

Due to the sometimes strong currents, it is preferable to make drift dives.

A little bit away from the main reef, you get a bigger erg nicely covered with soft corals, filled with small fishes and hunting predators. Behind this erg, you can descend till 20 meters where huge table corals grow and huge species of rays, such as eagle rays, can be encountered.

The southern part of the reef is mostly uninteresting and not worth diving through. It is better to go to the outer reef.

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