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60€ Discover Scuba Diving in Hurghada   (Introduction)

Discover Scuba Diving in Hurghada (Introduction)

So you never tried breathing underwater but you wish to become familiar with
maritime life. It intrigues you and you want to be part of the sensation.
from 40€
2 Dives
Hurghada Scuba Diving
85€ Bubble Maker (Kids Program)

Bubble Maker (Kids Program)

From the age of 8 children can be introduced to the magic of the underwater world with the PADI Bubblemaker programme
from 55€
2 Pool Dives
Hurghada Scuba Diving
25€ Beach Dive

Beach Dive

The Red Sea has a beautiful coastline and under the water, it is even better. A beach dive gives you the chance to see the aquatic life without a full day
from 22€
1-2 hours
Hurghada Scuba Diving
40€ Daily Dives Packages in Hurghada ( Certified Divers )

Daily Dives Packages in Hurghada ( Certified Divers )

Can't get enough of underwater exploration? Our daily diving trips are created with the vision to deliver the ultimate dive experience.
from 35€
1 Day
Hurghada Scuba Diving
50€ Night Dive

Night Dive

It seems that relatively few drivers actually enjoy night diving, but with a little thought and planning, it is an exciting and rewarding time to dive.
from 45€
1 : 2 hours
Hurghada Scuba Diving
56€ Scuba Review

Scuba Review

You didn't dive for a while? No problem! The Scuba Review is what you need to refresh your knowledge and the skills necessary to feel again comfortable
from 45€
1 Dive
Hurghada Scuba Diving