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    Description, and requirements for diving training according to the international standard with the issuance of a certificate

    Each dive course deepens your knowledge in diving techniques, increasing safety, making each dive more fun.

    Before the classes begin, the instructor will tell you about the structure of the course, the number of dives and the necessary exercises that will need to be done in the practical part of the training.

    Days of the course can be selected taking into account the schedule of rest and your wishes.

    After the successful completion of the theory and practice, you will receive a diver’s certificate – a plastic card with your photo and a personal number of the PADI diver.

    To better master the theoretical part of any course, you will be given a textbook.

    PADI produces a lot of materials to help with learning – books, magazines, training videos, logbooks for dive accounting, etc. All these materials are produced in almost all languages ​​of the world.

    Having reached the level of Dive Master you will get access to your private office on the site where you can follow the latest news in the world of diving, choose the best dive resorts for recreation and even find a job.

    In order to become a PADI instructor and learn how to teach diving yourself, you need to take the Dive Master course (DM), make at least 100 dives and sign up for a training workshop for one of the PADI Course Directors.

    Exams from future instructors are accepted by the PADI visiting committee. Therefore, you can be sure that any instructor who received the title of Open Water Scuba Instructor has received excellent training, knows and is able to teach divers of any level up to Dive Master.

    PADI course                                                                              Days / dives

    Discover Scuba Diver (DSD)                                                          1 day / 2 dives

    Scuba Rewiew                                                                                  1 day in swimming pool

    Scuba Diver                                                                                      2 days / 2 dives + swimming pool

    Referal                                                                                               2 days / 4 dives

    Open Water Diver                                                                           3-4 days / 4 dives

    Advanced Open Water Diver                                                        2 days / 5 dives

    Rescue Diver                                                                                  2 days / 2 dives

    EFR                                                                                                  1 day / no dives

    Master Scuba Diver                                                                      from 5 days / from 10 dives

    Divemaster**                                                                                 from 10 days / from 10 dives

    Specialty Instructor

    Assignment of qualifications PADI Specialty Instructor extends the range of possibilities of the instructor. Now he can teach not only the basic PADI courses: Open Water Diver, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster, but also special courses in which divers specialize and learn to make such dives as night, deep or sunken objects.

    In the PADI training system, there are a number of special courses that can be conducted only after obtaining the PADI Specialty Instructor’s certificate in this field. For each special course a plan and study materials for students have been developed. In addition, both the PADI instructor and the instructor’s assistant can develop their own special course (Distinctive Specialty) and get permission to teach it after approval in PADI.

    The standard PADI special courses are listed below:

    • Altitude Diver
    • AWARE Fish Identification
    • Boat Diver
    • Dive Propulsion Vehicle
    • Drift Diver
    • Dry Suit Diver
    • Enriched Air Diver
    • Multilevel Diver
    • Night Diver
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Search and Recovery
    • Underwater Naturalist
    • Underwater Navigator
    • Underwater Photographer
    • Underwater Videographer
    • Cavern Diver
    • Deep Diver
    • Ice Diver
    • Wreck Diver
    • Equipment Specialist




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