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Small Giftun

l’Ile de Small Giftun Island   est une réserve marine depuis quelques années maintenant et cela fait une grande différence car c’est l’une des meilleures

Sha’ab Sabina

Shaab Sabina ou autrement dit Reef Sabina est situé sur la partie sud de l'île Giftun dans un canal entre 2 îles - Grand et Petit Giftun

Erg Sabina

Erg Sabina est à environ 90 minutes de navigation d’Hurghada, situé à l’est de la partie la plus étroite de l’île Giftun.

Abu Ramada Island

Abu Ramada est une île située au sud du parc national de Giftun, à environ 60 à 90 minutes de bateau d’Hurghada.

Sha’ab El Erg

Shaab El Erg, également connue sous le nom de Dolphin House, est située au nord entre Hurghada et El Gouna.

Umm Gamar

Umm Gamar est un long récif isolé formé par une montagne sous-marine, près de l'île et portant le même nom que le site de plongée et situé à environ

Gota Abu Galawa

À environ 1 heure de navigation en bateau, au nord d'Hurghada, vous trouverez le récif Abou Galawa, où vous pourrez découvrir le site de plongée Gota

Shaab Abu Nugar

Shaab Abu Nugar est l’un des sites de plongée les plus au nord de la région d’Hurghada, atteignant presque la région d’El Gouna.

Shabruhr Umm Gamar

Shaabruhr Umm Gamar est situé à environ 1 kilomètre au sud d’Umm Gamar et se trouve au sommet d’une montagne sous-marine, submergée à la surface.

Carless Reef

Ce récif est reconnu comme l’un des meilleurs sites de plongée de la région de plongée d’Hurghada, tant pour la vie marine que pour les magnifiques coraux

Fanadir South

El Fanadir est l’un des plus longs récifs de la côte d’Hurghada au nord, accessible en bateau après environ 30 minutes de navigation.

Fanadir North

El Fanadir signifie roche au sommet du récif et se situe dans la zone côtière nord d'Hurghada. Il est considéré comme le récif le plus long,

Banana Reef

Banana Reef est un récif en forme de banane situé au milieu du détroit de Giftun. Il a une profondeur moyenne de 10 mètres et la visibilité

Turtle Bay

Vous pouvez rejoindre Turtle Bay en bateau depuis Hurghada. Ce site de plongée peut être plongé de deux manières.

Fanous West

Fanous signifie une sorte de phare en langue arabe. Ils appellent ce site de plongée Fanous en raison du petit point lumineux situé à l’est du site

Fanous East

Fanous est une sorte de phare en arabe. Une petite bouée lumineuse située à l'est d'El Fanous était la raison pour donner à ce site de plongée le nom

Erg Somaya

Après environ 75 minutes de navigation depuis Hurghada, du côté est de Small Giftun, vous arriverez à Erg Somaya. La profondeur ici sur ce site de plongée


Hamda est située sur la côte nord-est de l'île Big Giftun, à environ une heure de bateau d'Hurghada.

Gota Abu Ramada

Gota Abu Ramada est un récif de taille moyenne, de forme ovale, entouré de fonds marins sablonneux et peu profonds, situé à environ une heure

Ben El Gebel

Ben El Gebel est situé entre Small et Big Giftun, à environ 90 minutes de bateau d’Hurghada.

Al Aruk Giftun

El Aruk est un nom collectif pour divers sites de matrices. Chamsa, El Aruk, El Aruk Giftun et El Aruk Gigi sont les plus populaires.

Marsa Abu Galawa

Abu Galawa est situé dans la zone de plongée au nord d'Hurghada et dispose de 6 sites de plongée pouvant être plongés à: Abou Galawa, Shaab Abou Galawa,

Aruk Abu Nugar

Aruk Abu Nugar, également appelé Shaab Iris, est à environ 50 minutes en bateau du nord d'Hurghada. Il fait partie du complexe de récifs Shaab Abu Nugar

Shaab Abu Nuhas

Le Shaab Abu Nuhas submergé a apporté beaucoup plus de malchance aux navires de passage. Il y a 5 épaves de cargaison sur les pentes nord de ce site

All official dive sites of Hurghada. Reefs and dive sites.

Abu Hashish

Abu Hashish is an island in the center of a wide bay, 90 minutes from Hurghada to the south. If you are told that the island was once used as a warehouse by smugglers who brought cannabis to the country, do not believe it. Hashish in translation from Arabic – grass.

Banana Reef

Between Ben el, Gebel and Giftun is Banana Reef, which is also known as Gota Ben el Gebel, Gota Torfa el Shait or Shaab Farasha, which means “reef dragonfly”. It looks in the shape of the letter “Y” and has a flat bottom depth of 15 m.

Ben El Gebel

Between Giftun Soraya and Giftun Kebir, there is a small reef road, the arcuate shape of which stretches along Giftun Soraya from its northern side. Ben el Gebel means “between the mountains” and is also known under the names Shaab Torfa, Shaab Dorfa, and Torfa el Shait.

Careless Reef

This is one of the three most wonderful attractions in the northern part of the archipelago of Hurghada and, perhaps, the most famous. This place is located on three mad reprove cliffs, which rise from the bottom of the sea to 10 -15 m in height, almost touching the sea surface.

El Aruk

North of Gota Abu Ramada (45-75 minutes from Hurghada), a wide erosion of ergs stands on the seabed (depth 20 meters), resembling a clearing of mushrooms. They are scattered in the direction from the southwest to the northeast and fall into three main zones. Aruk Diana (southwest), Aruk Giftun (central), Aruk Gigi (northeast).

El Fanadir

Fanadir is a long narrow reef in the north of Hurghada. It can dive from the southern, eastern sides, and in good weather, also from the north side. The eastern side of the reef is considered the most popular. protected from the weather by the small curvature of the reef itself.

Erg Abu Ramada

South-east of Abu Ramada (60-90 minutes by boat from Hurghada) there is a wide sandy plateau, which extends further to the east. In the place of its immediate cliff rise three large coral blocks (18 m), rising almost to the surface of the sea. They are located one after another, the largest of which is located in the south, and the smaller in the north.

Erg Sabrina

Approximately 150 meters from Shaab Sabrina, in the middle of the Giftun Strait, is a small stand-alone reef, Erg Sabrina. It stands on a sandy seabed, at a depth of 10-12 meters.

Erg Somaya

At a distance of 75 minutes by boat from Hurghada lies Erg Somaya, located east of Giftun Soraya. To the south of the reef, you will find a police tower and to the north of it a small mountain range. The wall of the reef descends on a sandy plateau with a depth of 15-24 m, at the end of which further to a depth of 50 m.

Fanous – East

This reef has many names: Torfa el Famous, which means “reef with torch lighting”, Dolphin Reef or Dolphin’s Playground. Whichever name you give it, FAMOUS – EAST will always remain a narrow reef, circling a large lagoon in the northwest of Giftun Kebir.

Fanous West

In the western part of the reef, there is a narrow “fossa” or canal leading to a lagoon 9 m deep, where a coral garden with a large number of coral pillars and two bulky coral blocks are located at a depth of 12-44 m.

Gota Abu Ramada

It is a flat desert island to the east of Hurghada, surrounded by a wide barrier reef. In 400 m from its southern extremity from the bottom of the sea several coral columns-so-called “ergs” – are raised. Erg Abu Ramada is an amazing place for diving, and although the current in these places is often quite strong, it is thanks to him that you can see a real riot of colors.


Hamda is located on the northernmost part of Giftun Kebir, at the foot of a ridge of towering cliffs and opposite a white pebble beach. This reef has several names: Hamda, Umm Dom, Hamata or Stone Beach (rocky beach).

North Abu Ramada

Abu Ramada is located 60-90 minutes by boat from Hurghada. Where the island of the reef ends, its oblong plateau depths of 20-30 m begins, slowly falling into the abyss of the sea. In its northern part, it abruptly cuts off, and the southern side of the plateau will appear before the eyes of divers by steep rock.

North Umm Gamar

North Umm Gamar includes two dive sites: the northern plateau and Halg Umm Gamar (“Neck Umm Gamara”). The northern plateau is characterized by huge corals, large fish, strong currents. Halg Umm Gamar is a bay enclosed by a wall from the south and a 60 ° coral slope from the north. In its center, on a sandy bottom, there are two deep coral reefs.

Ras Disha

About 90 minutes south of Hurghada, on the coast, there is a wide bay with an island in the center (Abu Hashish). The island is defined by a ledge on its northern part, called Ras Disha.

Shaab Abu Nugar

At a distance of 60-90 minutes east of Hurghada, Abu Nugar is located, which is a “T” shaped reef in the west and a flat plateau with a large number of coral blocks in the east.

Shaab El Erg

One of the northern reefs in the region of Hurghada is located about two hours’ walk on the boat from the port. The reef is a large horseshoe, framed

Shaab Sabrina

This reef, also known as Fufuleya, is 60-90 minutes from Hurghada. Reef Shaab Sabrina looms in the form of a tongue on the east side of Giftun Kebir.

Shaab Abu Nuhas

The reef of Shaab Abu Nuhas (Abu Nuhas) is the most remote of all reefs in the eastern part of the Global Channel. The reef is located 4 km to the north of Shadwan island reef and 3.5 km to the east of Shaab Umm Usk reef. Given the location of the reef itself and the main ship’s route passing by, it becomes clear why Abu Nuhas received the infamous reputation of the “ship graveyard”.

Shaabruhr Umm Gamar

Like Umm Gamar, located 1 km to the north, Shaabruhr is a narrow reef stretching from north to south. The reef does not have islands or lighthouses, but it has three ships that have found their permanent shelter near its walls.

Small Giftun

At a distance of 60-90 minutes by boat from Hurghada is located Small Giftun, attracting the attention of many divers. Here you can dive in the direction of the current, passing along the gorgonian-covered reef wall, which descends to a huge plateau, passing into a steep rock.

Small Giftun (drift)

At 1-1.5 hours from Hurghada, opposite the police booth of the small Giftun, there is a place, a diver in the area  ​​which causes more emotion and enthusiasm than anywhere else.

South Abu Ramada

(60-90 minutes driving on the boat). In the southern part of Abu Ramada, there is one small islet and three large cliffs located directly on the reef, to the south of which dives are made. East of the place where the bot is anchored in the sea, the reef wall descends to a depth of 35 m.

Umm Gamar

Umm Gamar – a long thin strip of the reef, lying in the direction of “north-south”, 1.5 hours drive from Hurghada to the north. On the northern and southern sides of the reef, there are small plateaus with a radius of about 20 meters. The eastern side of the reef is a vertical wall, ending in a blue, silent abyss.